The Madison Club

The Madison Club

Three mesmerizing Water Veils and two Studiomade Infinity fountains accent a courtyard in a contemporary residence within The Madison Club, an exclusive private residential community located in La Quinta, California. Standing nearly 11 ft. tall, the Water Veils mirror three windows and sit just beneath the finished ceiling to seamlessly integrate into the surrounding architecture. Water cascades down the stainless steel mesh screens, creating captivating waves that add a soothing ambiance seen from both the interior of the garage and exterior of the courtyard. Nearby two Studiomade Infinities flank the entrance to the home’s expansive living room area. These 6 ft. long podium fountains with three central illuminated nozzles fill the space with the calm sound of moving of water.



Water Veil and Studiomade Infinity


Stainless Steel, Granite


La Quinta, CA


Richard Doan Construction

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