Tower Road Water Features

Tower Road Water Features

An organic water feature graces a patio in a modern Beverly Hills home. Cascading water forms brilliant textures down the ridged copper edges of the feature. As water flows from the first tier to the second, custom designed spouts create a curtain of rivulets that fall from the top of the tier into a bed of river rocks. Soothing sounds of tricking water resonate with the tranquil atmosphere of the outdoor area.

Two water features stand on either side of a series of stepping stones leading to the inside of the living area. Inviting and symmetrical, the two features sit in a pond, while a single spout on each boulder produces ripples of water that ascend down the sides of the sculpted basalt.



Exterior Water Fountain, Exterior Water Sculpture with Rivulets


Copper, beach pebbles, basalt


Beverly Hills, CA


Landry Design Group

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