Downtown Curved Runnel with Podium Sculptures

Downtown Curved Runnel with Podium Sculptures

In this commercial office space located on the 47th floor of a high-rise in Downtown Los Angeles, a 20 ft. long curved copper runnel extends into a serene garden seating area. The runnel is finished with dark grey textured basalt tile and consists of three stepped segments that culminate in a 4-foot diameter pool.

A collection of five copper podium sculptures, with dark bronze patina, extends across a width of 10 ft. at the bottom of the staircase. Each sculpture possesses its own distinctive shape with both smooth and ridged surfaces yet remains connected to the overall group. At the top, water gathers to form a mirror-like reflection, which then cascades over the sides before gracefully descending from a lower edge.



Runnel Fountain with Sculptures


Copper, basalt


Los Angeles, CA


Aref & Associates


Clune Construction

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