Our experienced design team specializes in water feature design, engineering, and architectural integration.

Working as a collaborative partner, Water Studio’s team, with its diverse education and experience, is well versed in the process of cultivating initial concepts and developing them into fully completed and functioning water feature designs. From CAD to 3D modelling, our design team utilizes a myriad of the latest tools and methods to develop water feature designs that address site specific considerations such as scale, proportion, functionality, cost, and visual impact. Our project-specific design services may include:

  • Concept and schematic design development

  • 3D modeling, rendering and visualization

  • Material research, selection, and testing

  • Water feature lighting design and specifications

  • Architectural integration and detailing

  • Hydraulic engineering and pump system design

  • Construction drawings and specifications

  • Structural design and engineering

  • Mockup assessment of operational and water effects

  • Cost analysis, value engineering, and budgeting